My chief concern as an artist is to make work that is visual philosophy, addressing the mysteries of our existence and asking questions about our different states of consciousness. For me making work is about touching and feeling- physically through materials, mentally in space and memory. It is about finding your way through an idea, in the hope of truly understanding. Based on cognitive science, physics, cosmology and paradox I try to ask questions that do not have answers but by being asked, posit truths, and answer in feelings and intuitions. Art allows for accurate misunderstanding and room to not know. It is in the state of “not knowing” that real understanding has space to occur. I think of my art as a tool to communicate; a tool that allows for new ways of seeing; a tool to disorient the perception of your physical self and surroundings and lead to new insights; a tool to really see.

In my drawings crystalline forms become a variation of a thought structure, honed and purified, distilled down to, pared down to, sharpened into, a tangible manifestation. I also think of thoughts as clouds, and how, before you can grasp a full idea, they float away and all you are left with is a feeling, an intention. I don't think of these thoughts as lost though. I think of them in a constant state of visual change, with only the truth of the idea remaining as the actual, physical constant. I think of the body similarly, in a constant state of becoming, with shifts so subtle that you might always feel the same, but only by looking back, do you see the transformation. This feeling of sameness is a sort of truth or innate knowledge. 

Leah Piepgras (1970) holds a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon. She has shown nationally and internationally.  Select exhibitions include: the Spring Break Art Fair in New York, Hall Space in Boston, Grin Gallery in Providence; the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University, St. Botolph’s Foundation in Boston, MA; the Bass Museum in Miami, FL; The Chelsea Art Museum in New York, and the Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College. Her work can be found online here: and at Grin Gallery in Providence, RI from October 22-November 28th, in a show called Parallel Universe.
  • Vision (Lindsey)
  • Vision (Me)
  • Looking Back
  • Looking Back, Seeing Clearly
  • Being (George)
  • Listen
  • George - Opening
  • Expanding Into Infinity (Me, 2)
  • Enlightenment
  • Divining Truth Through Space and Time (George)
  • Amelia - Looking Back