Drawings and Diagrams

Suicide and rainy days, they say,
with toe nails painted the color of hydrangeas
and with Montauk, Montauk, Montauk on their lips
and Montauk on my mind,
feet in the sand and on the trail,
through the trees and to the water,
toward calamari and the Long Island Rail,
interrupting, for four hours,
dreams of the children whose back yards
the trains pass through.

The piano soars and tumbles, merging
with line drawings of whales and diagrams
of oceanic food chains
in the Pacific Ocean and in the Bering Sea,
where lives were risked and lost
and where comedians returned
with airplane peanut jokes and microphones,
searching for our scars, indiscriminate,
like taxidermy and paisley wallpaper.


Lauren Raheja is a writer and urban farmer who lives in St. Paul, MN. Her nonfiction and poetry have appeared in Brooklyn the Borough, City Limits, Common Dreams, Feministing, Cultured Vultures, Leveler, Keep This Bag Away from Children, Atrocity Exhibition, Unlikely Stories, Whistling Shade, and the Star Tribune. You can find her online at https://cixousified.wordpress.com.