Dear Sty, Concerning Women:

Country is important and Iím just a voice on the phone. For your convenience, weíre a secular
institution. Iím selling all my obsessions and Iím being grateful. Dream: We are sitting at
computers. Dream: We are now outside some kind of store. Dream: We are things always crying. I
canít discover the ways in which men describe war but if I had to guess I would smile. I guess I
would really smile. I am replete similar to my language and the incendiary comments against my
language. How does it feel when itís All Coming Together. How does it feel when itís Never
Coming Together or conversely All Coming Apart.

Dear Sty, Concerning Personality:

We can discuss many things. Mainly I donít like all the parts of your personality. Anatomy occurs
every day. Comebacks also do that. Letís focus on being the best people we can be or letís focus
on not being people at all. In typical fashion, Iím not hot like that. It will all be voracity. More
honestly, a stale list of microaggressions. More honestly, a stale list of things one is able to carry.
That is, letís face it, looking pretty good these days. ButóI will address you now in the shy and
blushing way Iíve learnedóI have trouble getting on board with my own obsessions. Iím sorry
about the thing with the people. The people smell like a meal and so I love them. We will continue
to operate on the assumption that the purpose of the anatomy is for the comeback to occur. You
cannot un-hear this. After all we are a people of ears. A people of years. This is what weíve
learned together.


Dana Inez received an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. Her poems have appeared in journals including Bone Bouquet, Two Serious Ladies, Coconut, and Terminus Magazine. Her fiction has been published in The Cortland Review, and her short story "Notes from a Risk Society" was nominated for Sundress Publications' Best of the Net in 2014.