In the style of Joan Mitchell

Under no circumstance            under none
           of these circumstances            is the blue
is the blue going tonight            is the blue going to be
                                wasted tonight

Blue feathered like       feathered life-like
           life-like obstacles           keeping people
from standing feathered    on blue curbs
           and waving hands     
                                                  and waiting

keeping people from stealing each other's
           taxis      each other's      each other
static in one anotherís arms
           each otherís                   static notion

of where the blue            the lighter blue air
           is concealed                   where time
is dripping        in another          into one anotherís

arms where     into another time        where
           we only remember the            gray scale
portions laid out         laid out before us

before us under no circumstance
                          under tonight being wasted
under that sun gold bleeding though
          under that portion
                           and that white space
under it waiting for a word


Janelle DolRayne is a former poetry editor of Copper Nickel and the current production editor at The Journal. She lives in Columbus, OH where she is getting her MFA at The Ohio State University. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Laurel Review, Apt, Parcel, and the 2013 Best of the Net Anthology. She is originally from Coal Creek Canyon, CO.