Teology ó Atl Atl

            sought imprint

driving as it did
            bi-face opalescent, self-murmur
            -ing into the shoulder                     through the cage

of words, a breakneck bird-dart
            which nothing really,            not really            nothing

really understood until that                        half-caught zing

a passthrough realm
            of organs, fish-scales, knuckles

this buttend charmstone
            worked bone            worked & iterated    & worked

arriving like weather, like bloodscent
            a residual thing, lashed                            to airís scrollwork

rolling in rolling in crimson                                    takes the breath out of
            anything containing breath

shell-hook, an antler
                                                        of all glistening particles

powered, en-quickened
                                                        vibrating wedge intersecting pinwheels


Hannah Craig lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Her work has recently appeared in journals like the Southampton Review, Prairie Schooner, and the Hampden-Sydney Review.