the oldest light is very faint
in morning it is blue-white

spinning much 
like a web 

but slower
it looks like a ghost.

it holds me 
although unconsciously

I lie about it. 
gravity forced me 

I was born
the light was harsh

and then
your dark mouth.

weíre trying people 
to get happy

so eat
everything the stars

and to be eaten
is a skill

with your feet 
in your mouth

you will no longer 
have legs

I have been having 
this feeling Ė its the problem 

this is the poem 
moving on

past the oldest light
and into what 

we donít know 
a universe maybe

always sitting in there 
if you are 

paying attention
every eyeball is 

a little moon
a wise little moon

although I was not
paying anything anything.


when there is another day of my life it is my life
I am living
when I am eating a ham sandwich
is that the true meat of it
if I open my mouth 
what falls out 
not o.k. 
but the actual
rosy pink of it
for man
or something 
people die in
the know nothing 
a riot
Iím recording my thoughts as I record them
its a kind of publick house
a real gang 
of the brain
Iím fighting for 
a candidateís body
what am I supposed to do
with your data
there are four terms
of position and direction
in orientation to the body
to use them you have to
understand your reference point
I am ipsilateral to
meaning on the same side as 
we go up
we go down
if I become unsettled 
let me be fine 
like sand 
in a sandwich
if I am at a big boring election
let me be wandering girl poets 
a salty salute 
from my highest glands
when I am fifty year old babies
did I aim at the air 
and also a world correctly
if Iím blasted 
but its easy
If my life is a shape
made into a jelly mold
If I am dancing 
do not be fooled
its a gun
if I am
let me be 


Colleen Barryís first chapbook is Sunburn / Freezer Burn (smoking glue gun 2014). Her poems and artworks have appeared in Ilk Journal, H_NG_MN, The Pinch, and Banango Street, among others. She teaches writing at UMass Amherst and the Juniper Institute for Young Writers. She is also Managing Editor of Slope Editions.