Anne Fails
Tears   at the ceiling    -ish    of the anabolic
odes       all up in the music    it’s okay       to be mad  
we’re just glad    you’re here    2 for dessert        We
are here for you    al fresco    Salam    Wait till you see all the
zzzvideos    you’ve missed    you’ll be furious         Thankyou
My pleasure        Perhaps you could make us a video
about Vacation Poetics    in action     That would be very valuable
Remember the field     The landscapes    that will betray us
just watched    and was totally    honored         You know how to
find your shit
        I know this place    Welcome home    Welcome
home    will pass under you        Sleeping    Sleeping
is also a struggle


Brooke Ellsworth is author of the chapbook, Thrown (The New Megaphone 2014).  She has poems in or forthcoming in Coconut, DIAGRAM, The Volta, Artifice and elsewhere.  She lives in Queens, NY and teaches at Parsons.