Palomas Avenue/Spruce Street

Javelinas trek it through touch

loss of keys and trouble with doors advising

our city in packs

strange with desert. This morning the dog licked the drawers open. 

Already Iíll shriek scolding footprints, my love a giant with all the right hates. Nature


for an ounce, nature that funnel. Outwardly dinged, he had a safe spot    the many-chested bureau     If you would, cages

cycling of riverbed his mother in and out of things. Our truck was failing am I so calm? Extensively snow as ash on mesquite

largely falling mid-route Easter weekend   with no sticking indifference oh,

that dream?  Friendly

breeds that vary

in color and down

to their one speed.  Who? A slow piss taken behind me in the dark.


Rachel Mindell is in the MFA program for poetry at the University of Montana. Her work is forthcoming in EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts.