the world will never do


anyone who lives in a pretty how town will tell you

we are not meant to search puddles for rainbows

and ride unicorns instead of men


you would think other humans would know

what Iím talking about

but they all nose around their philosophy books

pretending to understand why we feel connected or donít

instead of nosing around i take action


jump off bridges throw pennies into toilets

today i am recovering from experience

and some people say itís indulgent the way iím doing it


pennies float to the surface

and my dreams are not cancelled in their reflection

they are multiplied so many now that pipes overflow

sewage leaks into the streets for everyone to trudge through


and as i float over the bridge

with pennies and trash and other people

i realize itís still me whoís in control itís still me

who makes the rules when everything is unleashed



Emily Thomas has lived on both coasts of America but never in between...until Arizona. She spends most of her time teaching--sometimes humans, but primarily unicorns, on how to stay mysterious and obscure.  She lives in Tuscon.