Let's wonder about pulses. The pounding marimba,

the heart trickle. Let's drink from the garden


hose, because I know you've never done that.

Then we can lie in the grass and listen to


the ballad of the lawn mower. Let's slide down

the hill in front of my parent's house on our backs.




Let's break for lunch. Let's place an order.

Let's take five. Let's throw it away. Let's


expect more. Let's find a slice of heaven.

Let's play the game. Let's take the high


road. Let's cut the fat. Let's cut the shit.

Let's put a gerbil in the oven and have tiny steaks.


Dustin Luke Nelson is a Co-Founding Editor of InDigest and InDigest Editions, a small press and lit mag. He is also a writer/producer for Radio Happy Hour and his poems have appeared in H_NGM_N, No, Dear, Monkeybicycle, Shampoo, and others.