No Bulls in the China Cabinet

I donít believe in damaged goods.
When I hear echoing hooves I change
my locks and shift my space.
A massive monstrosity, a wooden chest
of delicates where all the sparkle lives,
I am pinkies out and parasols so save me
for watercress sandwiches and the like.
27 men in tasseled tops
waving muletas live inside
and you are double the bulls
seeing red in a cabinet full
with neat rows of china.
Think flying cutlery, jaws of life,
the moonís drunk face as cracks
in the windshield spread like liquid.
You know what they say:
Grab the bull by the horns. 
You know what they say:
Mess with the bull, get the horns.
You know what I say:
Iím made of matadors and breakables,
swords and sequins, antagonizing reproach. 


Charlotte Seley is the true Princess of Poughkeepsie, so, Snooki: eat your heart out. Charlotte is working on her MFA at Emerson College and does not own a single piece of china but DOES own a rather large crystal elephant.