In any
                one does—
                the other’s
done upon.


We— with our 
rigorous allegiance 
to whim—

We— thrown 
toward miscellany—
the loosened human 

any language
in which the verb 
                to make is the same
as the verb
                to do

is the language 
in which 
                                I write you—

warp to my weft.
Yawn I gallantly 


Elbows fitted determinedly
(gaps in height, gait)
we say 

: the same 
black bird seeing us back—

                his pylon orange epaulets
                dotting the bank’s fog 

: the sudden manmade scent—
pink cross between
amoxicillin and a gas leak
(childhood sidenotes      platonic ease)

: the frog’s guttural wooing—

                                              brutal umbrellic

: in our kiss, so much salt—

we taste we’ve broken
                          a sweat.


With a beer
on the pier

you point to fish beds
but I can see
only swarms 
                        of eels

boring themselves
   into      their meals.


Lightless night
yet noise
                crammed in by degrees—
                cadences compete,

swell upward.

Hours layer
noise upon the moon.

We’re attentive, if unskilled.


In any pair 
one does as if doing’s gracious—
                the other
as if sacrifice—


Any iridescence out here’s

any sheen’s unnatural.
The organic’s matte—

the matte’s most worthy

of trust, remark.


Any language
in which the verb 
                to make is the same
as the verb
               to do

is the language 
in which 
                               I allow you—

as if in this language
even the bible’s true.

We allow the staff its flowers,

the whale his 

Brooklyn Copeland lives in Indianapolis where she works as an auditor and a yoga instructor. She edits TAIGA, a print journal of poetry and indie music and has a new chapbook out called Laked, Fielded, Blanked (alice blue books). Her work has recently been in Horse Less Review, Poetry, Parcel, and Burnside Review. In 2010 she received one of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships from the Poetry Foundation.