Kind & Unkind Words Inhabit a Silent Space

what comes next: another season
             one Iíve met before
             clouds bunched over on the left

You dress the newspaper with circles
             mark out this constellation of knowing

                             what comes in
                             then twisted
                             then set loose

To say I knew it was a loaded phrase
To say what else is there?

Well we spotted the deer in the traffic circle
             at the same moment and
             I imagined what it must look like
             from the sky
             our choreography like she was such a solid thing
             compared to us

and it has remained my point of reference
             the one I keep secret from you
             the one that often makes me lose
             when we argue
             but I donít mind

                             you can be the stone
                             you can be the lasting sound


Katie Willingham lives in Ann Arbor where she teaches writing at University of Michigan. Her debut collection of poems Unlikely Designs is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press in Fall 2017. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review, Southern Indiana Review, West Branch, Third Coast, Grist, and others.