lyk a magicked physics           they are here          still wrapt
in2 me      bed fogged amongst the morning
song of my gorged mouth               the room                an acid
of cheap red & cigarettes                  casual i say no
strings they say              but then they unfold under me
& all i want 2 say is stay     stay    & they do        
& now   i need something              them-shaped something
pagan & transformative                magick something
so them                                             it is also them



If you’re white or a Harvard Student you go to The Facebook (finally). If you’re white or have a
computer you send GMAIL. You don’t watch the (freshly incarcerated) star of The Martha Stewart Show.
You might watch Carruth’s Sci-Fi stunner, Primer. You do not watch Crash because no one talks about
race. NASA finds Mars. Condie Rice finds the 9/11 commission. No one talks about Abu Ghraib;
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Some fucko stole Munch’s The Scream in Oslo. Everyone is
nervous. A whale explodes in Taiwan the same year 2004’s tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101, stands a full
509 meters. Both Ken Jennings & The University of Michigan lose, though with different outcomes. This
is the year Mark Strand writes “Coming To This”--well, not really, but it certainly could be. This year
The NYT lists 2004’s words of the year, which include crunk, ridonkulous,              & Christianophobia.


Kamden is a reader at Gigantic Sequins, an editor at Jellyfish Magazine, and goes by Kam. They got posi vibes from The Ucross Foundation, The Davidson Institute, and Callaloo. The author of two chapbooks: DISTRESS TOLERANCE (Magic Helicopter Press, 2016) and PERCEIVED DISTANCE FROM IMPACT (Black Lawrence Press, 2017), Kam stays busy. Find their work in The Black Warrior Review, West Branch, Salt Hill, and other sunspots.