When asked about his work, specifically his series of astronauts, cityscapes, and the Antarctic landscapes, Jeremy Angier says, "I am wary of saying what they're specifically supposed to mean, but I might say that the three series have a common theme of life on the edge. They're partly about human activity in inhospitable environments." 

Jeremy also works in sculpture, and you can see more of his work here: http://tuttiputti.com/ or at his studio in Somerville, MA.
  • EHW3665 (Working Hard Accomplishing Nothing)
  • EHW3665 (LTRP RIP)
  • EHW3665 (SOL)
  • EHW3665 (The World We Make)
  • EHW3665-4
  • EHW3665-2 (Mission Accomplished)
  • EHW3665-3
  • EHW3665-6
  • EHW3665-7