There is a letter in the box from Hitler
with an order               to bake cakes
for 4,000 children in Aleppo
to teach them               to navigate the ocean
from the birth –           map on my wife’s
belly.   He is on his way to Southern Kaduna
with the soldiers
that buried their necklaces in Burma
for the love       they had for their unborn children
when their blood was refusing to clot
I once had thirty six bullets      in my mouth
each attached to a gum            with lemon mint
now I have                    none
you have come with a cup of honey
asking me to shoot my brother           with the gun
I bought with our father’s pension
I didn’t              instead          I did what a god
would do          I shot myself in the forehead.
When I heard of the mass exodus in the desert
all that comes to mind is [        ]
There is a new commandment on the way
I won’t walk away from you.


Hussain Ahmed is a Nigerian writer and environmentalist. His poems are published/forthcoming in Atlas Poetica, Public Pool, HEArt online journal, Shot Glass Journal and elsewhere.