Bureau of Public Archaeology

Ruins of previous oceans
The beach beneath our fingernails
We were swimming
Now we’ve washed up

Wince once or twice & move on
Exclaim a victory for self-hood
Scrape the barnacles
From yr happy hour hulls

Home’s an instigator
Unsubstantiated rumormill
The waterfall that powers us
Has wildlife in a headlock

A cast iron cauldron of sex noise in the hallway
Fluorescent flicker
Dig down further

In the crypt below this thin veneer of social grace
We seek a refuge
We’re reminded manmade sediment obscures


Alex Crowley is a reviews editor at Publishers Weekly and was a co-founder of Brooklyn's MENTAL MARGINALIA Reading Series. Winner of the New School’s 2011 Paul Violi Memorial Prize, his poems and reviews have appeared in Phantom Limb, Forklift, Ohio, DIAGRAM, Handsome, TLR, BORT Quarterly, and elsewhere.