I donít know what refrain of near-disaster
to be committed to. Which leg of mine
bears all the weight.

In the morning, a tornado siren breaks
in between each dream of tornado already inside,
arching, wandering. I cleave and reason on,
ask, What is making peace

if it doesnít benefit me? I feel nothing
but that we work out our ancient movements,
crawl into a silent good, our young faces
draped over glasses of water.

Each crease of pregnancy another rotation.
I will put my hands here, mind just un-centered.
Everything I carve in myself is in order to forget.

Inside my voice, a violet room zooms out
into something more vicious.


From here the swell of growing female, allure
of being infected, it moves in and on
I feel the inertia weight, someone elseís
insatiability, someone elseís hunger for the sake of hunger
Yesterday you would be shrunken
and un-believed, and now your concavity
a state of matter become machine

The marble does me in again, Helen,
such heavy disregard of hair of discharge
To follow is to take in a liquid

It is a beautiful corpse
Outside I am full


Helen, no one is here
to see me pick up this leaf,
swaying in the dirt of my own female,
knowing well the rearranging and how
we neglect the vault.
Nature continues to be a hidden talk,
slipping at its labels. All I remember
is the maddening host we continue
to allow in our evening body,
rearranging ice to swaddle the nodes.
Calibrations in my throat to not freeze out.
Keep myself a growl spreading
from the ice, hair covering up the pier-glass.

You can heat my body, Helen,
but it will only make the virus grow faster


Gale Marie Thompson is the author of two books of poetry, Soldier On (Tupelo Press 2015), and Expeditions to the Polar Seas (Coconut Books, 2016), and two chapbooks: If Youíre a Bear, Iím a Bear (H_NGM_N) and Expeditions to the Polar Seas (Sixth Finch). Her work can or will be seen in places like Gulf Coast, Guernica, Denver Quarterly, Volt, Sixth Finch, The Volta, and the Colorado Review. She is the founding editor of Jellyfish Magazine, and she lives, writes, and teaches in Athens, GA.