Etiquette for Fly Dumping

Because even refuse is elegant
when dumped by a good girl
under cover of darkness.

Keep a running list of local trash bins with generous mouths.
Move swiftly with one illicit sack, or cautiously with many.
Remember that the video will only catch your face, so let it mesmerize.  
Treat the open dumpster as a backdrop to your higher aspirations.
If alley cats call foul or raise alarms, let the past whistle through your fingers,
but donít linger for its landing. Give your empty palms to the wind. Pass on.


Sara Biggs Chaney received her Ph.D. in English in 2008 and currently teaches first-year writing in Dartmouth's Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. Her first chapbook, Precipice Fruit, was released by ELJ Publications in October, 2013 and her second chapbook, Ann Coulter's Letter to the Young Poets, is forthcoming from dancing girl press this summer. Sara's poems and flash fictions have recently appeared (or will soon appear) in Word Riot, PANK, SunDog Lit, Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, Menacing Hedge, Whiskeypaper, and other places. She was a finalist for Best of the Net 2013. You can catch up with Sara at her blog: