with feeling.
all the gestures tumbl into each other:

feel sulky all over. feel drip drip.
narration as prognosis. prognosis as manifesto. almost everyone has pockets. not enough have
fishnets hugging thighs.

roll outta bed. roam. cry out bunny bread tastes very chemical.
a rational relationship to objects.
likely this banana never heard of globalization.
this isnít going well. too-big shoes. googled the sun.

muse as butt plug.
walked in circles til my feet dug a ditch that ditch became a moat & i was alone.

wanna be bored til my words get shitty.
shout boredom into the toilet.
hold it in my mouth like cum and walk down the street.

peel green nail polish from my toes & sweep it into an empty bag of chips. bbq.
all my whatever pushes out from inside.
because frank oíhara was my first.

irritation is information.
pick the scab raw.


Jordan Soyka co-directs the New Orleans Poetry Brothel with Veronica Barnes. His work has been published in GlitterPony, > kill author, Spork blog, Cave Wall, Horse Less Review, TENDERLOIN, The Quarterly Conversation, La Petite Zine, Tarpaulin Sky, and Similar:Peaks::, as well as the Fuck Poems anthology (Lavender Ink).