jello w/ extra marshmallows

Closing another black eye
a worm growing lips
in the dirt.

Your skull was a rock
I threw through
the museum window.

camp stupid

The whispering lake.
The moon filled
with writhing puppies.
A rock. A dimple.
An unforgivable frog.

king of little sounds

Dampen the towels
& lock the doors.
Whistle until the fire
stops whistling
& the smoke whispers
into the lungs of the
termites & they chew
the rot & laugh
that laugh we will
never hear & be
reassured by not


Being an animal with a bubblegum
dictionary in your mouth.
Pretending to be a herd
starving in a pasture of glass.
Look to the bell around
the throat of the lowing cow.
The clank clank beckoning to
your fast little ears. You chew
& the bull chews as your chewing
chatters a dumb litany. Take
comfort  in the fact there is no
way to interrupt you. Dissolve
your vision & put it down
for all to see.

life saving club

Swimsuit in the bathtub.
Cypress stretching the vine.
Smog choked by smoke
& clouds drinking on the river.
We have overturned
the boat & consumed
the potable poison.
We have made it a habit.
One minute in every hour
we are ready.


Friedrich Kerksieck has had work in Octopus, Corduroy Mtn, 6X6, Horseless, & other magazines. He runs Small Fires Press.