the geese was a goose
sky shimmy flop  flop
born in median seams
a valley snow had hid
the bird
             was or is singular bird
             flopped more than flew

these winter sicknesses shaken
off presupposed feathers might
                goose, perhaps geese
                rubbernecking deaths

of family members or down jackets all
of them above donít soar nor coasting,
choose rather to hang these
                                             hands buried deeply
                                             two within a pocket

wherein a ticket raises situational questions
about the need for tips & at what percentage
why, exactly, is a means of uncertainty
                                                               as to a
the microphone should be
                                                         taken away
                                         & what of language
being reversed even though the music was not
the same as mom stating she had been goosed
during high school, & it really wasnít a biggie


David Blumenshine is co-founder and editor in chief of similar:peaks::, whose writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Deluge, Octopus, H_NGM_N, 5/Q, smoking glue gun, Tarpaulin Sky, and elsewhere. At the Mall There Was a Seance, his first chapbook, is coming soon from These Signal Press. David lives in Portland.