One way to be a person is to lower your inhibitions
in a manner consistent with the crowd around you


A dream is wet when you insist
a raft. That you never took me
is the definition

of a legal occurrence. I am not
to be ignored I am to be swum
under. In terms

of drift what isnít a continent.
A few words. Eventually Icelandic.
Itís not my fault

itís just something I said when
I was young. For some men
itís impossible

to follow. Some men simply
enter the water.


Roberto Montes's first collection, I DON'T KNOW DO YOU, is forthcoming from Ampersand Books in 2014. His chapbook, HOW TO BE SINCERE IN YOUR POETRY WORKSHOP, will be released Fall 2013 by NAP. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from ILK; The New Megaphone; DEATH HUMS; Forklift, Ohio and elsewhere. He lives in Queens and reads poetry for Sixth Finch.