A Covenant is a Burden

It can't be all that pretty
this evening with my fist
inside a birdcage. What
extends beyond my grasp
is a bright light, the chance
to bomb out everything
with regret. I have conceded
to how I picture waiting
in a barnyard infested
by the sun. How crazy
I am and how I need
an animal. Every move
I make is a giant
wishbone. There is so
much promise in this
knee I am jutting.
There is never any one
way to be a catch-all.

Strange Geometries

Like when I touch your head
and the world is orange
like a day in the bog
my foot stuck my arms raised
You can hold me like this
or make a model of it
I want to know the earth
in space the crowns in
museum rotation all kindness
reduced to gestures
No country to carry us
no crying under the stairs
no street signs in New England
no dancing like that please
Today I saw blue snow
and it was so real
like wet hair in the hallway
your socks soaked through
I could be a curtain
in this frame Delta Dawn
it's Sunday now let's see
each other this way always
full of breakfast and all
Next year we will torpedo
the yard and when we
scream from a tree it will
be a big tree a warmth in us
we can sprawl out in
I know there isn't
a hierarchy of sadness
but there is a place I go to
I consume this feeling
like whatever and I keep
watch and I keep shouting
I am not ready to break
apart a set of anything


Anne Cecelia Holmes is the author of a chapbook, Junk Parade (dancing girl press), and co-author with Lily Ladewig of the e-chapbook I Am A Natural Wonder (Blue Hour Press). Her poems have appeared in jubilat, Conduit, Sixth Finch, Denver Quarterly, and other places. She lives in Northampton, MA.