If Alkaline, If Extinction


Your problems are a body of water

and when I have these things to tell you

it means that mostly I enjoy the way you say posies.

I have forty salt licks and glands for days.

We can both be a little reborn, if you’d like.

I want nothing more than to entertain you.

Give you a legend.

Such as, there are several ways to expand

but perhaps this is not the best one.

We never knew other quiet things.

We shared an entire police station. 

We shared a passion for beach hats.

Now this month’s divots are puddling on the floor

with this month’s missing gemstone.

I am thinking that time

is something we move through.

I am missing so many bees these days.

Inside drawers, a carafe of whipping cream.

Crack a rib, and birds fly out of a spoon. 




Light box: of the city: its blue lift: Distance: full, and thrown:


Such effort to recall: a woodpile: some hunger: some conduction: Such is: 

dream house: is prairie fire:


Hung up: the upper part of a thing: We never say: nor do we say: by the 

skin: presently feeling: befitted: A certain limit: of movement: in the 

firmament: dividing itself: refracted: over:


What stop: in walking: in imitation of the body: its breathing: See: cloud 

strife, marble: See: it's just material: its shadow: hatchings of air: road and 

trail: of thread:


From up here: bulbs: bellowing: a round vessel: fineness sometimes: a 

mason jar: of pressed oil: The part spoken of: A full stop:


This generating: in concordance: so much to be said: Open-mouthed: you

will not: no: you will not: Field: This is: blank is: is blank:


No facts: since run: in a window of light: In the perfect home: not 

mentioned: at all times: To have not: moved away: To dream: that people 

are aware:


Did not want: to appear: in the room often: want to show: the room well: 

the hollow: Had not anticipated the fall:


Here delighted: an inward impression: nearly to reason: By means of: a 

mossy plain: so capable: of delicate kind: Here wanting: to display: a 

roomful: a dreaming of feeling: buoyancy:


We rise: to some feet: in autumn: In light of: of running: assailed by: to 

scope: to have some sleep: and finally quiet 


Gale Marie Thompson's first collection of poems, Soldier On, is forthcoming from Tupelo Press. She has works published or forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly, Volt, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, Salt Hill, H_NGM_N, and others. Originally from South Carolina, she is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts MFA Program and is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia. She is creator and editor of Jellyfish Magazine