from The Analects of Confusion



Until there is nothing left but screaming

into the skull coffee mug,

tearing the pages out of the Phantom's Manual

for Peace on Earth, traversing entire

cities made of recycled toothbrushes,

no regeneration of the ghost orchids,

samples of fluids taken from bodies

hovering over the pentagon, metonymic corpuscles

that fall from the mouths of politicians

as they wander into the ether

that seeps from the machines that manufacture

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow--

I am going to slip into my pain-suit

and sit by the pond until the forces that cause us

to love one another are silent and I can eat

my dust covered biscuit in peace.


Ben Mirov grew up in Northern California. He is the author of Ghost Machine (Caketrian, 2010) and the chapbooks Vortexts (SUPERMACHINE, 2011), I is to Vorticism (New Michigan Press, 2010), Collected Ghost (H_NGM_N, 2010).