Eating Grapefruit With My Beloved

The spoon's intelligent,
serrated edge. Darker the red, sweeter
the bitterness. Powdered sugar

neither of us sprinkles on
and only own because I once did not
make Emily Dickinson's coconut cake

for his birthday. Hopeful, dried
coconut still on the shelf.
How he can scour a newspaper

without speaking. How I cannot.
The way I leave him
for circumferences, traverse by knife

the whole equator
only to choose this bite, still
this one.


Sarah Green is the author of EARTH SCIENCE (421 Atlanta, 2016), her first full-length poetry collection. Chosen as one of the Best New Poets 2012, she has been the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, a Sewanee Writers' Conference Fellowship, and a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer of Creative Writing at SUNY Fredonia.