It smells like vinegar
& Iím playing music
on speakers at the angle
I think is working now
albeit with the caveat itís
ďtouch-sensitiveĒ &
the unbristled hairs and lint
Iíve agglomerated into
a small plinth in the corner
to throw across the wraparound
my windowsíre        mitigated
by the fugue
(Bach) I warble thru the window
I warped and crooked open, glass
I spritzed with chemicals
so translucent,
I canít see my neighbors
come in        to think
my blond comeuppance might
someday sequester after
my subsequence of follicle /
enamel and maybe
bleed or braid prettily
well into wherever
a mother bird is off
intent to feed
her progeny a worm


Patty Nash is a poet and translator from Oregon and Germany. Patty's work has appeared or is forthcoming in New Delta Review, Prelude, Juked, and elsewhere. Patty is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.