Agnes Martin, Untitled 1960, I read

the last moth shuts their wings I formed the
           last granule the last song remembered and
never written down the last stretch your arms
           branches the last lesson approaches protection
                                                           pay attention to the last letter rising between
that flower you grasped as a child remember
                                                            what couldn’t be released the last flutter


Lisa Donovan’s work has been a finalist for multiple prizes, including Kelsey St. Press’ FIRST! Poetry Prize. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Denver’s Creative Writing Program, a M.F.A. from Brown University’s Literary Arts Program, and briefly studied at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Dr. Donovan teaches non-fiction to undergraduates and to career adults at the non-profit, Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop, in Denver. She lives in the very quaint town of Edgewater, CO where she walks her dog, Beatrice, and canine version of a Tater Tot, Virgil, while wondering about the life of Nell Brinkley. Her book, Red of Split Water, a burial rite, was published in 2016 by Trembling Pillow Press. She is currently revising a manuscript about Agnes Martin's drawings.