quat swan

anchored in the steep water
tendered in its sunset color
vectored in a dive descriptor

the lines begin the same but then they aren’t

they tend to
they lose their anchor
                                                                                                                 and they are                   
there is the spray!

they are there
thare     thy eye is where it tends

i said, enunciating very clearly,
                                                  “xx me like a swan”
                                                  as though this were charming
                                                  or demonstrated my practicality

                                                                          i want very much to demonstrate

home: this is not a reference to leda in the swan
    stop reading that in right now
exactly now

do it now do now

do it now


now do it

i wonder if love necessitates
                                       a complexity of attention

quat swan   quat the swan:  “aquatic aquatic”

                              stop thinking about leda

quat and did you



quat the swan:


and it was meant to be a joke

flotation device even the hyper imperator

can’t tell
the value of a thing         in terms of itself

example: the day passes by
recording its numerals

example: this is not a thought

example: a thought you could put in your mind
to make it two

in order to make it to

                                                             or what else do i do everything for

quat the swan:

stack    drastic as its ending cause
i wish to enter the gift economy
gluttony gluttony

i wish wish plush
i wish wish do

                                                /let nobody say i hesitate
/i wish i do

savory circular    lap devices

a thing that wants to flee its center
             or enter it

enter it  quat the swan

it quat it quat

i mean do me

i know the song they are playing
it is lucky to be born in the morning

                                                                                                                        sit up straight in your     night location
                                                      i want to turn the face of the god stuck in its infinite number existence?

she said quat

                                                                                                                        said quat swan

                                                                                                                        no more hat check, hat trick
                                                                                                                        deck deck
                                                                                                                        no more than three people in this

                                                                                                                        this is a platform at a time

when it crashes they will sort the remnants
you don’t need to worry about that                                       is an non in-advance trouble

                                                                                the man says he gave his
daughter a name that means
             a rain of gold
        a like a name that hold a significance

this is the simplicity of its facts

                                                                                you cannot contain the gold, it gets out
                                                                   and ruins things
                                                                                                            in a wax even pet cleaner cannot remove

for you, for you

quat the swan

go on up and comfort the miracle

she pushes me forward with this is encouragement

             here is a space meant to house    the event
             a room that could fit an emergency in it

               sometimes i am afraid to stop eating
               sometimes i am afraid to stop eating

               sometimes i am afraid to stop eating that if i do

it will be if i do

a room that could fit an emergency in it

house the event

i don’t ask much 

kind of scene you can be     all     in


lacks no daisies, that one

                                                                                                    in the gold we find a dilute
presence of the sun of god
if enough gold is there
                                       it is light in here

that’s the going theory



                                                                                                                            identifying its variables
                                                                                                                the fiber was pleasingly masticated
                                                                                        we put it outside to dry

but then it was eaten and could not be turned into rope

so it is that the group is learning
i do not know these enemy
that my mind own lives in   
(own mind lives in? )    
miscible           and then finally

                                                          aquatic big swam

                                              what id  it today
i did today

that’s okay, this kind of thing can be done like the mouth is

                             pleather pleather pleather

quat the swan:

       let me give you an object that refuses to close    
                                      around its area of rest

quat the swan:

an almost nothing decoration

and there it was

                the demiurge was in the language like a transitive verb

that’s why i love her so much. i mean english [in response to some confusion]

i think i am quoting from davie here but
maybe not exactly quoting

maybe some word like quote



mandarin among them
my whip n my furs

marten pine marten deprived thereof

so maybe we don’t do that

in the firs in its black eyes globose like a morula

quat the swan, remembering with fondness

                                         quat the swan she likes to stroke

                                                                     all the thefts that never leave
                                           just sitting there
                                                                                 on the lawn

                                             like geese




                                                                                                                                   quat the swan


Kirsten Ihns is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and is currently a first year Ph.D. student and Neubauer Presidential Fellow in English Literature at the University of Chicago, where she studies texts that seem to want to be images. Winner of the 2016 Black Warrior Review poetry prize (judged by Hoa Nguyen), her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bennington Review, The Offing, BOAAT, Yalobusha Review, Black Warrior Review, New Delta Review, The Sonora Review, and elsewhere. She is from Atlanta, GA.