Found Animals



I found a freckled octopus
in my closet
He was dehydrated
So I gave him water

Let him eat
one of my fingers
I picked a bad one

He said
it tasted like
a shoe


I found a yellow dog
in the swimming pool

she said
where are your lips
I mumbled
I don't know
I made it look
like I didn't have lips

My teeth talked at her


I found a moon elk
in the spare bedroom
You're not as Norwegian
as you sound
I said

hairy forest
he said
blacking out
he said
an array of ear muffs
to keep you warm

to melt into
he said

the shape of
a fat leg


Kevin Sampsell is a writer, publisher, collage artist, and bookseller living in Oregon. His poem, Elbow #6, appeared in inter|rupture #15.