The Meaning of The

I am mentally ďall there.Ē I live on a small pile
Of history. The kites fly thither         and thither
In the park Iíve included in my brain. This world!
All made up of miniscules, itís a wonder
Anyone came to my birthday party at all.
I couldía been anything. Couldía been a mathematician.
Instead, confined to this linguistic bailiwick,
The love of exact expression. The first one to say
Life is a bowl of cereal. Something happens
When I write.         My hand becomes a flower.
If you donít like the sun, get out of my yard.
Frankly, darling, the world is a vibrant totem,
Moving to and fro, wet with color. I wear denim jeans
For the fun of it. I take off all my clothes
And throw them in the water.           So long.
Anything can happen if you make it. The alchemy
Of cheesecake. Putting a carrot in a lump of snow,
Ha-ha-ha he has a nose. We hump around,
We pretend to be what we are for the fun of it.
Everything seems critically impossible. The danger is in
Whatís possible. Iím scaling the wall.             I crawl
Into Nothingís mouth. My animal turns over in its sleep.


Julie Howd is the author of the chapbook Talking from the Knees Up (dancing girl press, forthcoming 2018). She holds an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and is the recipient of fellowships from the Juniper Summer Writing Institute and the James A. Michener Center. In 2015 she won the Roy Crane Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative Arts. Her work can be found in Texas's Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, as well as Sixth Finch, Forklift, Ohio, Bridge, and other journals.