Soap Opera

Bit by bit she bubbles up, into, away     /     turns slick & slides down skin      /      behold   ::   our ingénue      /      stripped down Drain day by day     /     slinks on ceramic along sink      /      oh dear love       dear thin
poor wither     poor you

Our audience    ::    the green molded guest soaps    /     all sea turtles & seashells          /          they sigh and say          /         when will a new hunk
/          come & affix to her?         /        they press lyeful palms
together    /    they pray and pray all day


Holly Burdorff is a recent graduate of The University of Alabama's M.F.A. program in creative writing. Her recent work appears in The Common, Duende, Mesmer, and Phantom Drift. She currently lives in Cleveland and works as a freelance writer and graphic designer.