the sky a dark field congested
with <tally marks> <black birds> and <drones>

sepia head in profile showing
the <germanic> brow and <celtic> beard
eyes blinking and head swiveling <to clicks and wheezes>
torso a white <bureau>
drawers with brass pulls stenciled with <dates> and <organs>
<flora> <fauna> <color codes> <geographical bodies>

where the <spleen> would be <kudzu> sprawling across
the waist becoming circuitry and highway
white lights flickering along them
stretching to a <city> under a white dome on the horizon
<arms> caked yellow and glittering
L shaped and ending in charcoal sticks

<the figures of ruminants> eating <a grass collage> on the hills
behind them a <silo> and behind that an <entrance to a <cave>>
littered with <bones> and <fruits> and <tools>
dashed lines tentacling from the cave to the spleen

white <comicbook thighs>
lined with <setae> and <crimson scores>


C.S. Carrier is the author of Mantle (H-NGM-N Books 2013) and After Dayton (Four Way Books 2008). Poems by Carrier have appeared in numerous journals, including Fence and Dusie, and in the anthology the Best American Experimental Poetry 2014.