Augur of Fleme

We shall be pilt out   unhode & we shall not fasten to a tassle of unheald land

            shall not hold to lintel rot   & our daughter shall stain flesh on unsad petals

our wretched desire shall beam above   & her semblance borne to headges

            to blades of bluegrass uncut & brown silt loam   we bore & shall not root

We shall pull seedlings from edges of our roof   & plaster shall fall through keyholes

            as tued dreams remain in closets we open & lay crops close to our bed

our daughter will become warm breath   to peel from walls a bonded paper

            & she shall resonate through our walls painted with shafts of yell & scarlet

We shall travel to red fundaments she will not inherit   & god shall darken

            on austral horizons & on winds of gravel roads smooth & porous

& she will tell stories of a waning sunlight   & an oracle of unseasoned joy

            & bear stones between us to ease the famine of our house.


Brent House, an editor for The Gulf Stream: Poems of the Gulf Coast and a contributing editor for The Tusculum Review, is a native of Necaise, Mississippi, where he raised cattle and watermelons on his family’s farm. Slash Pine Press published his first collection, The Saw Year Prophecies, and his poems have appeared in journals such as Colorado Review, Cream City Review, Denver Quarterly, The Journal, and The Kenyon Review.