the sayings and the articles of inclusion

a an the le los das

i bring in
the newspapers
and all my fatherís
memories i begin to set
the wash to stun
the gun
to all these
florid details is just
another piece of metal

but you canít know
how a blank will act
deformation at the temple
maybe, the piece of paper
packed in panicked
beneath all that

and what prayers
lift from the soft
spot step back
while i do
thinking about this
thing step back
while the drive is ringing

ranging and all
the transient forms of verbs
we stick with
let us shift our moods
as if a train wasnít
the only sound buried
in this museum buildingís
long hall full
of generous engines.

there can be three planned routes
of exit i said
i would behave i said
i would place myself
in these articles and keep
out of their claim

one hole in a tooth
and a knee that shoots
pains while we are
cold we are
measuring time
but the wah
and the pedals donít
bring each song to its crisis

that happens
with simple regard
for each letter and a directness
of tuning one fork
for the salad
and one
for the evening
vibration i pull
my ear
down to unclog it
you whisper
not here
at the table.


Tony Mancus is the author of a handful of chapbooks, most recently Again(st) Membering (Horse Less Press) and City Country (forthcoming from Seattle Review). He currently works as a technical writer and lives with his wife Shannon and their two yappy cats in Rosslyn, VA.