The Modern Sensibility of Wanting to Live Well

no bones saturate
in concentration

my guts toast
a bouquet bile

in the wind         well
thatís a half sonnet

of truth
an exploration

one that is groping,
filial, silken

how many times
will we parry into a violet

light, fight death
with our lips

tongues lilac
with personal pains and

when we were our own
infants in the mother soup

grooves were worn in
at the seams

chance is not for us
coffee, yes

our desire fails,
falters in sand


Lauren Gordon is the author of three chapbooks: Meaningful Fingers with Finishing Line Press, Keen with Horse Less Press, and the forthcoming Generalizations about Spines with Yellow Flag Press.  Her work has appeared with Sugarhouse Review, burntdistrict, PANK, The Collagist, and many other wonderful journals. She is also a Contributing Editor to Radius Lit.