Riding Shirtless on Horseback

The performance of personality
Is a sermon on comparable markets.

Iím presenting my paper Dudes & Bros: Male Cannibalism
To a webcam pointed at Sorry Mom. With ballpeen hammer

In one hand & your hand
In the other we ran

Shattering all the garden orbs
In the neighborhood.

Can you hear it like I do?
The blood pulsing

In the claws of the rabbit
Twitching in its cage. Tomorrow

You are my drooling ox against the carís fender.
Today is a thrashing chrysalis.

Bare winter branches I certainly wont be the jerk
To compare you to capillaries this year.


John is the poetry editor of The Philadelphia Review of Books and his work has most recently appeared or is coming out in BOAAT, Southern Humanities Review, The Battersea Review, storySouth, Bateau, HTMLGIANT, Coldfront, Octopus, and elsewhere.