after Sara Woods

We are cowboys or something. We ride around on horses
all day, except neither of us are very good at it & we fall
off a lot. & I am pretty scared of horses so I donít really
like being near them anyway. Itís the hooves. When I tell
you this you tell me about a dream you had once where
your head was being crushed to death by disembodied
horse hooves. This doesnít help me with my fear, but it
makes me love you very much. One day, we try & lasso
cattle. But you catch me with your rope instead & you
swear this is an accident & I donít believe you but I donít
care we are holding hands now & we are looking at all
those beautiful animals & all their terrifying parts.


Dalton Day is a Pushcart nominated poet & editor of FreezeRay Poetry. His work has been featured in PANK, Hobart, The Millions, & Jellyfish among others. He is the author of Supernova Factory as well as the forthcoming Fake Knife. He can be found at & on Twitter @lilghosthands. Heís absolutely terrified.