The Slowest Time

& other times I do not want
to traverse the grooves
leading up to the glacier.

Somehow I think you live to make the trek.
Bedrock, ice core, & permafrost.
You like to make me wait & watch
while pointing at striping full of weight.

Nothing is here except a high ceiling.
The hard-to-see motor of stone & ice.
For you the time is right to gather more
photos of this fallen blue magnolia.

Textures of slowly moving water—
all I can reach—dying so soon with no
relief & getting away with it all.


Nathan Kemp is a student at the Northeast Ohio MFA. His work appears or is forthcoming in ILK Journal, NAP, Weave Magazine, Puerto del Sol, and Cream City Review, among others. He’s an associate editor for Whiskey Island and is a poetry editor for Barn Owl Review. He wrangles social media for H_NGM_N.