So easy then to be a cog, and look responsible loathing Nana

Nana. Heard of her? Minor transaction small accident in the park last week

Was when galloping I maintained prosper I could say myself the mirror the upturned face

With regard to fate first felled by allegiances to meal time or a lip-read put on its back

Back being the trap I love and shredded out of, a finesse I get

Gotten responsive for Nana. Three nods for a catheter, one for an eye done better in its
reversal, an eye pushing out as itís shown the door

Left her fingernail in the glove after I touched it


When the head of the other disappears

from the pillow the bed is wholly changed.

I will not be bettered for it. The house reverse-

dredged by my money viewed as a problem, my not quite

hand having it. If I swallow the pillow the other

comes back with the money. I throw it on

its back and wait for the spell. The spell doesnít

come so I wait for the problem. When it comes

I am older. Night limps home on

a lame ankle. I know it is trying.


Lily Duffy is a poet, teacher, and editor living in Denver. She serves as an intern for Counterpath Press, a managing editor for Mixed Fruit Magazine, and is working on her MFA in poetry at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her writing has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper, Hot Metal Bridge, ILK journal, Cloud Rodeo, Bone Bouquet, NAP, and elsewhere. With Rachel Levy she co-edits DREGINALD.