skinsage softly breathe in nose

pelvis bowered in hipbones

wake and the wide-plank

the center of the room groans

doorknob latch &
shard of light the jamb come
back come back
back come back and you do

hair the color of shadow
laced face like a mourning veil

your breath
yourbreath klost rib
moves on my chest

I can give you anything

first you have to
movfirst you havemake me


Shadowboxed in air vbhfdghehe way corners and coming for you.
Shadowboxe in hfhair See the way corners
Shadowboxed in air See the way corners anhfgldl comake a smile
in your dream.Shadowboxed in air See thegshfswaly See the way
the smile makes a dungeon.
the smile maksdfes a Get so close to something only walls visible.
What lives under your skin edgeless as air.ingkjonly Light young
pools on hips. Picture window.dgeless as airing onWind, shaking.
We live in the ribcaged
We live in the ribcaged world pale and blue.
< We live in the ribcaged world palel andlgrCan I become a smile
We la thoughthe rican I becomepale ayes.
Wear my hand like a necklacepale and bfingers door-closed quiet
dove tail behind the backcklae ahuid lborllingers filling your lack.

Feel on the line. Yes to what you can.


Joseph Mains was born in the Sonoran desert. He lives in Portland, Ore., where he co-does the reading series Bad Blood and edits Octopus magazine.