Wheel Of Fortune

Tonight youíll Dream of a new method to pray. Dearest, instead of being in a hospital youíre on the berth of a ship. You examine its genitals and learn the personality of a new friend. When you get to the stern, show yourself to the Wheel of Fortune. Lay yourself on it. Like acupuncture, it opens your clothes, your legs, your lips. A holodeck gestates for 3 weeks and then he is born. Your son. ďHere, hold this for meĒ a woman asks. You take the child and she dives into the sea. Your sonís mouth opens a mast of white sails. Youíre no longer still. Youíre the physician crying out a boom of holy mountain, stitched up. Work transforms into a song. In the future, your son describes this with his seven sets of wings.

Future Solleone: La Luce

The robot has to defeat this incarnation to create it. The world has been eaten to end taste. In 2014 the moon listened for everything and left nothing to hear. There is an entity in the sky whose white masks rub against his arms like sunburn and bare witness. You are his oracleóa corpse that reflects all his Loved ones. The robot looks up and asks what is this afternoon letter piercing Easter Sunday sack of glitter. From it he builds a p-o-o-l and submerges. Itís the kind of suicide thatís so bright even masks close their eyes.

Strength (Lionheart)

Why is this lion weeping like a natural woman raised out of the lake? Itís so sexy to be hungry and driven mad. You wish for discomfort and neon birth. You want to draw your own heart, march to it, and shove a pistol in its mouth. A paradise breathes on you and you tumble down a hill to a lion. There there, soft current of your body. Youíve been dragging around this stupid sword just to sacrifice it to sarcasm. Leave it there. Lie down. The lion is hungry.


Jamalieh Haley lives in Portland, Oregon, where she curates If Not For Kidnap Poetry series. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Sink Review, Poor Claudia, Sixth Finch, SimilarPeaks, among others. She teaches writing, and is a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Art.