dream about who never like i

last night happened in the unslendered vortex.
called ___. called the river.
you favor yr midnights in dreamseries. nightmares youíd stand in line for.
asleep in yr fallout luster. dream about who never like i.
now in dreams are only. are jersey-soft abstractions of the sun. the drown of human.
iís extracted in small pieces.

ever this ever you

the creamy warm of safety starts with two people and a secret clothed in innumerable
hands sapphiring in the dark exacerbating whole dirty churches

remind me to show you the atlas that canít fit anywhere
up and run your home across my hands and then some and sleep here may i yes and
always ever this ever you my love


Carleen Tibbetts lives in Iowa City. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Coconut, H_NGM_N, Sink Review, dusie, Jellyfish Magazine, ILK journal, Big Lucks, DREGINALD, Thrush, The Laurel Review, and other journals.