Ana Teresa Barboza studied painting at the Faculty of Art PUCP and currently lives and works in Lima, Peru. Her work with embroideries, fabrics, and drawings explores the way humans transform nature and the rhythm of natural processes. Her individual exhibitions include: Knitting the instant (Wu Gallery, 2013), Family Animals (Wu Gallery, 2011) and Manners of dressing (Revolver Gallery, 2009). In 2010 she obtained the First Prize in the 2nd Annual BCR National Painting Contest and in 2006 the First Prize in the French Embassy in Peru's 9th Annual Visual Arts Contest, Passport for an Artist. Her work has also been featured in the following collective exhibitions: The First Decade: Visual Arts of the 21st Century in Lima (Gallery Frightful Germán Kruger ICPNA, Lima 2013), Visions of the Contemporary Art in Peru (Lucia de la Puente Gallery, Lima 2008), The Generation of the Spectacle (Kiosko Gallery, La Paz 2008), and 8 gifts 8 paisos (Sitges, Barcelona 2008).

More of her work can be found here.