#23 from 4Play 

Not a man, per se, but more like Mayakovsky’s cloud in trousers,
or a non-man precisely
hung, featureless
and saying: the roles we will be playing
as creatures seem less relevant than the costumes we must share.
Faces slammed into life-mask:
Dreaming on a softened brain,
trading the work day for a day  
treading days no longer lightly
into the tightening grip of last night’s fist.
Striving to pull into the light
the little face your face is becoming:
inarticulate, not half-loving enough
(or by far exceeding half) moving toward
the tone of lion dances
in a National Geographic orgasm.


Travis Macdonald is a poet, copywriter, editor and book-maker living in Philadelphia. His most recently released work includes: Title Bout (Shadow Mountain Press 2011), BAR/koans (Erg Arts 2011), Hoop Cores (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press 2011), Sight & Sigh (Beard of Bees 2011), N7ostradamus (BlazeVox Books 2010), Basho's Phonebook (E-ratio 2009) and The O Mission Repo [vol. 1] (Fact-Simile Editions 2008).

Michelle Taransky is the author of Sorry Was In The Woods (Omnidawn 2013) and Barn Burned, Then (Omnidawn 2009), selected by Marjorie Welish for the 2008 Omnidawn Poetry Prize. Taransky teaches writing at Penn, works as reviews editor for Jacket2 and co-curates the reading series Whenever We Feel Like it.
Joseph Cooper is currently writing and teaching in Princeton, WV. He is the author of the full-length books TOUCH ME (BlazeVox 2009) and Autobiography of a Stutterer (BlazeVox 2007), as well as the chapbooks Here Come the Groovies co-authored with Andrew K. Peterson (Livestock Editions 2010), Memory/Incision (Dusie 2007), from Autobiography of a Stutterer (Big Game Books 2007), and Insuring the Wicker Man Shadow Created Delusion co-authored with Jared Hayes (Hot Whiskey 2005).

j/j hastain is the author of several cross-genre books including long past the presence of common (Say it with Stones Press), trans-genre book libertine monk (Scrambler Press) and anti-memoir vigorous (Black Coffee Press/ Eight Ball Press (forthcoming)). j/j has poetry, prose, reviews, articles, mini-essays and mixed genre work published in many places on-line and in print.