Gray Market Riot
Treasures dumped out on porches

Abandoned strip mine of yard sale referents
Therefore       the lava and tide games
Thought we invented playing at avoidance
Establishing a context for the problem
Holes are
abstract pleasures if you didnít know
      They give direction to feeling
        The Cadillac of fake pee kits
      Water-drunk at the drug test facility
      Eclipsed trailheads
I still worry my body is too childish
             for the lightning fields to sleep near anyone
    I donít get invited to weddings
Breath once spoken
Overflows Manages to tease
This conversation is over

 Your hand sanitizer is in the backpack

      You don't want to get involved
      With armís-length negotiation
  a lot of shit will never happen

Krystal Languell is a member of the Belladonna* Collaborative and edits the journal Bone Bouquet. Her work has appeared in esque, La Fovea, DIAGRAM and elsewhere, and her first book, Call the Catastrophists, was published by BlazeVox in 2011. She teaches writing at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and Pratt Institute.