from Kill Your Darlings, Clementine

The men here wish to revisit
someone elseís childhood         a time
easier only
when borrowed
they manufacture nostalgia
on envelope backs        old directions
weeks later        when recovered from pockets
from canvas grocery bags
the men squint close        to decipher
these are my Vís        this should make sense


The men here are underwater        no gear
no gills        flesh against salt
the muscled liquid pressing
they come up for air when they must
just like anyone        but above water feels
a hell of a lot like under        the way grains
of sugar parrot        grains of salt in the dish
the way we reduce to mimicry
the rationed air        impossible
to see your feet clearly
no sight of land


Kit Frick is the Chapbook Editor for Black Lawrence Press, where she also edits the small press newsletter Sapling. Her poems have recently or will soon appear in places like DIAGRAM, Conduit, Jellyfish, Sixth Finch, and Forklift, Ohio, and have been featured on Verse Daily. Kit lives in Brooklyn with her husband and lives online at