from They’re There

The emperor of hair
does not compare.
I bang my head on something
            then rub it
            as if that will help.
It's my wife's night out.
The kids run
                            over me.
These letters
are my name. My browser
is chrome.
The greatest profit       is destruction.
God's love,      
              free parking.
I’ll be the sound bite         
            if you be the glow.
Lights out for Elmo.
I used to think the way I dressed
meant something.
Now it's just      the way I dress.
I tell my shrink I feel old
           and about my alcoholic friend
           who threatened
           to shoot his wife.
           Give him a hundred dollars.
           Call it a night.


Justin Marks’ first book of poems is A Million in Prizes (New Issues, 2009), and his chapbooks include Voir Dire (Rope-a-Dope, 2009), On Happier Lawns (Poor Claudia, 2010) and the forthcoming Best Practices (Greying Ghost, 2013). Recent work has appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Denver Quarterly, Barrelhouse, Leveler and FailBetter. He is a co-founder of Birds, LLC, an independent poetry press, and lives in Queens, NY with his wife and their 4 year-old twin son and daughter.