from What is Bullet and What is

You  woke  me.  All  of a  sudden  I  thought  you  were
waiting for me to wake you, I'm sorry.  I  like cakes in
the   shape   of   cakes.  You   said   not    to.   Like   and
understanding of antiquity. I'm using the image of  a
man who's good at things for this and sorry that none
of  the  nouns  are  good.  If  you don't  like  being  here
with  the  great  signigying unitie  and  the  borrowed
systematics,  diappear.  Stop  reading.  All  the  babies
are cute except for


All the babies  are  being born in  great clods. Identical
babies.  It's  sad  really.  Collect  all  seven.  I  read  that
thing you wrote about the new way to rotate and I like
the parts  I don't really  get sentiment,  but  I'm  trying.
We    got    a    new   couch    and    it's    awesome    inside
buildings.  If  sign  do  not exist  without  language, how
do you  explain  war.  Ideas  ruled  out  of  play,  the  old
rotation,  which  I  think,  wait.  Hold  you  hand  up  in
front of


The   cake    is    wax    nougat.    Do    you    really    care.
Things  are  said  and  then  interrupted  and  then  said
again slightly differently. Does  that  burst  a  beautiful
something.  A  strange  cadence.  F. is  at  work until six
or   seven.  When  I   was   younger,  I   tried   to.   Looked
from  the tv  to  watch the sun split  the cloud until  you
get home.  Ceramic  imitations  resist  the modifications
coming from a single individual, to smell smooth


Ethan Saul Bull currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Ethan graduated from The University of Arizona with an MFA in creative writing in 2008 and then moved to Mexico to do some living. He is also a graduate from the University of Michigan and Indiana University. His first book of poems, entitle Inside Narratives, came out from BlazeVOX Books in 2010 and his work has been a finalist in the Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Contest and a semi-finalist for the Sawtooth Poetry Prize and Slope Editions. His poems have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, EOAGH, Octopus, The Delingquent, Sub-Lit, Spring Gun, Diode, and others, and his chapbook In the Hour and a Bedroom Later came out from Slash Pine Press in 2012.